Since the atmosphere and oceans formed, the volume of water on our planet has remained relatively constant.

That finite amount of water is what sustains all of us, and over the next 100 years both drought and flooding conditions are predicted to worsen across around the world, with water scarcity becoming a global issue.

As an individual, what kind of impact can any of us make?

It actually takes less than you would think...


Less Than You Think

1,386,000,000 km3

The total amount of water on Earth.

That's enough to fill the entire Grand Canyon to the rim over 332 times.

96.5% is ocean water

Only 2.5% is freshwater

Of all freshwater on earth,
only 1.3% is available as surface water.

The majority of freshwater is frozen or underground.


Glaciers and ice caps



Only 20% of that surface water is accessible in
rivers and lakes.

This represents 0.007% of the total water on Earth,

and it supplies 77% of the world's water use.

The United States uses...

united states vector

410,000 MILLION gallons per day.

Individually, American's use 78 gallons per day.


That's equivalent to 624 bottles of water.

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